Love and fear

Love and fear

In my real tale, I say:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

who is the craziest of them all?

Might be me?

Because I keep forgetting

that I've been hurt before

by kisses and fusses.

Every time I see you, my friend,

I feel the gothic sparkle

of love and fear.

I feel:

the foolish pump of my heart,

a volcanic tremble in my stomach

and the unique joy of being the vision

that pleases you.

And I really care to!

Is it a nightmare or a dream

we have to live?

Feeling attracted by a danger so sweet.

You're someone my inner can't forget.

Yes I know I told you to go.

Somehow, I'll manage to seduce you back.

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São Paulo, capital

Elisa Gasparini
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